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Terry, Blair and Anouchka

In 1987, after the end of The Colourfield, Terry found himself still
under contract to Chrysalis Records, I'm not sure how, but Terry hooked
up with Americian singer/songwriter/actress Blair Booth and with an
ex-jewelry designer Anouchka Groce, by simply using their first names
we get Terry, Blair and Anouchka. the album Ultra Modern Nursey Rhymes
took a year to write, with 12 songs total, two of which were remakes
'Love Will Keep Us Together' and 'Three Cool Catz'. the only 2 b-sides were
'Hush Hush Balloo' and 'Love Will Keep Us Together' the later being
added to the full length CD, but the copy I have doesn't have it.
I still need the 12" of "Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme" and the album &
both singles on cassette.

Ultra Modern Nursery Rhymes (CD & LP) 1) Ultra Modern Nusery Rhyme 4.02 2) Missing 4.38 3) Fishbones + Scaredy Cats 3.57 4) Lucky In Luv 3.37 5) Day Like Today 3.14 6) Sweet September Sacrifice 4.38 7) Beautiful People 4.17 8) Three Cool Catz 2.25 9) Happy Families 3.18 10) Just Go 4.15 (CD & 12", the 7" only has the first b-side) Missing 1) Missing 4.38 2) Happy Families 3.18 3) Beautiful People 4.17 Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme 1) Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme 4.02 2) Hush Hush Balloo 3.32 3) Love Will Keep Us Together 3.33
The Lyrics will be here
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