Ghostwriter Meets Wishbone Meets Ghostwriter
by twistyt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this was not and will not be a Ghostwriter episode, it is only a story written by a fan. I've corrected the errors and have added my own comments since there are too many for me to fit onto the review --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One day Joe was sitting in the park thinking. Wishbone got away from him and took off running. JOE: Wishbone, come back! SAM (SAMANTHA): Joe, what's going on? JOE: Wishbone, got loose. SAM: Well, we have to catch him. Meanwhile Wishbone was swimming in Jackson Pond. Alex, Tina, Gaby and Rob were walking by the pond. GABY: Hey, there's something you don't see in Brooklyn. ALEX: What's that? GABY: A dog swimming in a pond. ALEX: Don't go near the dog, it might bite. GABY: How are you going to stop me? ALEX: Don't go near the dog, Gaby. I'm warning you. GABY: He looks like a friendly dog. What are you going to do if I don't stay away from the dog, sue me? ROB: The dog looks friendly to me too. Come here, boy. WISHBONE (Thinking): The water's getting cold. I'm getting out of here. Hey, they look like nice people. Maybe they can help me find Joe. GABY: His name is, Wishbone. ALEX: How do you know? GABY: It says so on his collar. ROB: Let's find a pay phone. TINA: Why do we need to find a pay phone? ROB: There's a number to call. GABY: There's a pay phone over there. ALEX: I'll go call the number. ROB: Gaby, may I please talk to you? GABY: Sure. ROB: Alone, please? TINA: I'm going to see what Alex found out. Come on, Wishbone. Wishbone had now served his purpose in this story, though it could have been any dog, and they could have gone to someone's house instead of using a pay phone. GABY: I love you. ROB: I know. GABY: How? ROB: By the way you were always looking at me. I've been wanting to ask you out for a long time. GABY: Why didn't you tell me? ROB: Well, I'm kind of shy and Alex was always hanging around. GABY: Well he's not now, he's over there french kissing Tina. -------- <-- subtle hint | ROB: Would you like to rent a movie and come to my house for dinner? | | GABY: Sure, will your parents be there? ------------------------------ <--on the prowl! | ROB: No, it's just my dad and I. He has to work.----------------------|where's mom again? | GABY: All right.------------------------------------------------------ <-alone with the guy she loves, Rob hasn't a chance! ROB: Could you tell I loved you? GABY: No. ROB: I loved you since the first time I saw you. Rob took Gaby's hands in his, leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. As they were kissing Tina and Alex came walking over. Tina had Wishbone's leash. ALEX: Why are you kissing my baby sister? ROB: Because I love her. GABY: I love Rob too. ROB: I'm taking Gaby to dinner and a movie tonight. So what did you find out about Wishbone? ALEX: You love my baby sister? GABY: I'm not a baby. I'm 16 now, remember? 16 is the age of sexual consent in most states, but since 2001 it's now 17 in NY, though it may still have been 16 at the time of this story, check at ROB: Gaby, is not a baby and yes I love her. ALEX: How can you love my baby sister? GABY: I'm not a baby. ROB: Gaby, is not a baby and it just happenend, all right? ALEX: No, it's not all right. Wait until I tell mama and papa about this.--------| | GABY: If you tell, I'll tell them about your kiss.-------------------------------| | ALEX: Oh yeah? | | GABY: What can they do about Rob and I being in love anyway? | | ALEX: They will never let you see him again.-------------------------------------| GABY: Well that's kind of hard. Since I see him everyday. What am I supposed to do stop hanging out with the whole team? ALEX: You never know, that could happen. GABY: So what did you find out about Wishbone? TINA: That his owner is somewhere in the park and where he lives. GABY: Is that why you two were french kissing? ALEX: I'm going to kill you! GABY: How? Are you going to strangle me? ALEX: That's not a bad idea. Talk about Tina and I french kissing, you should have seen you and Rob. ROB: We weren't french kissing. It was just a kiss and our lips weren't open and we didn't have our tongues in each others mouths. GABY: I wonder what mama and papa would say about that.--------------------------------- ALEX: You wouldn't dare tell them.------------------------------------------------------ GABY: I would to, but I won't tell them about you two french kissing, if you don't tell about Rob and I kissing. ALEX: That's blackmail. GABY: That's right. It's great though, isn't it? Alex: They're going to find out sooner or later. GABY: I would rather it be later and you promised. ALEX: What are you going to tell them when you out tonight? Gee the truth comes to mind - that she is going to Rob's for diner & a movie & will be back by midnight maybe. GABY: Easy. I'll tell them I'm going to a friends house. ALEX: And if they ask which friend? Again the truth comes to mind TINA: We could say she's spending the night at my house. Now, this gets Gaby out for the whole night instead of just a few hours. ALEX: What if they call there? TINA: We could tape record Gaby for if they do call. How does Tina know about this? Why does she even suggest this? The Ghostwriter team is suppposed to be honest! As they were taking Wishbone home they ran into Joe and Sam. JOE: Wishbone! SAM: Where did you find him? GABY: Swimming in that pond over there. JOE: Where were you taking him? TINA: We were walking around looking for you. We called the number on the ID tag. JOE: Thank you for finding, Wishbone. That's when Lenni and Jamal came walking up. LENNI: Hi, what's going on? JOE: Hi, I'm Joe and this is my friend Sam. SAM: Hi. GABY: I'm Gaby. This is my big brother, Alex. These are my friends Tina, Jamal and Lenni and this is my boyfriend, Rob. Very odd, no reaction from Lenni & Jamal about Gaby introducing Rob as her boyfriend! ALEX, TINA, LENNI, JAMAL & ROB: Hi. JOE: Thanks again for finding, Wishbone. Come on, Wishbone, we better get home. Joe and Wishbone went home. Sam went home too. LENNI: Looks like Gaby and Rob are in love. Alex and Tina are in love. GABY: How did you know Rob and I are in love? LENNI: By the way you look at each other and I heard you talking earlier. ALEX: Hey, Rob, if you ever hurt, Gaby, I'll kill you. ROB: I won't hurt Gaby, besides I love her. Guess again, Rob hurts Gaby at least twice, read on. Later that day the team went back to Brooklyn. Gaby got ready for her date with Rob that night. But just as Gaby was going out the front door of the store, her mother stopped her. ESTELLA: Gabriella, where are you going? GABY: I'm going to spend the night at Tina's house. ESTELLA: I never heard anything about you going to spend the night at a frinds house. GABY: I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you, mama. After Gaby left the house which was inside the store that her family owns. She headed for the video store where she was meeting Rob.(Is it Brinker's old store with new owners?) GABY: Hi. ROB: Hi, so which movies should we get? What no 'Hello' hug & kiss? GABY: I heard that "The Outsiders" and "That Was Then This Is Now" are really good movies. ROB: All right, let's go see if they have them. GABY: Excuse me? CASHIER: Yes, may I help you? ROB: We were looking for two movies. CASHIER: Well, there are more then two movies around a video store. GABY: We were looking for "The Outsiders" and "That Was Then This Is now." We were wondering if you had those two movies. CASHIER: Yes, we do. They should be in drama. GABY & ROB: Thank you. They rented the movies and when they got to Rob's house, Rob's dad was sitting on the couch. ROB: Dad, what are you doing here? MR.BAKER: I got fired. ROB: Dad? May Gaby and I watch the two movies that we rented? MR.BAKER: Sure, I'll go in the kitchen. I have a few phone calls to make anyway. ROB: Thanks dad. MR.BAKER: How about chinese for dinner? GABY & ROB: All right. MR.BAKER: What do you two want? ROB: Just get me Shirmp fried rice. GABY: I'll have the same thing. MR.BAKER: All right, I'll go while you two are watching the movies. Now, it's possible that Rob's dad didn't noticed that Gaby had everything to stay the night, (think big purse) but how could he not notice her being there the next morning or that she didn't leave? Did they do it on the couch or in Rob's room? 2 months later Gaby was throwing up every morning. Finally Gaby's mother took her to see a doctor. Though she had a feeling she knew what was wrong. THE DOCTOR: Gaby, the reason you've been throwing up every morning is because you're pregnant. ESTELLA: But when? THE DOCTOR: About 2 months pregnant. GABY: I just said I was going to spend the night at Tina's house, I actaully spent the night at Rob's house. ESTELLA: I don't want you to see him anymore. GABY: Well that's kind of problem. Since when I see my other friends I see Rob too. Besides, I have to tell him, don't I? ESTELLA: You have a point. THE DOCTOR: You will have to come see me once a month, but toward the end of the pregnancy you have to come every other week. Now you have three choices. That only you could make, no one else. Not your boyfriend, your mother, father, no one but you. GABY: What are they? THE DOCTOR: Number one-Adoption, where you give the baby to a couple who can't have children. Number two is abortion-which... GABY: Killing the baby? THE DOCTOR: Number three-You can keep the baby and raise him or her yourself. GABY: I guess I'll have to talk to Rob. Later that day after Gaby got home, she walked over to Rob's house. Rob answered the door. ROB: Hi, what's wrong? GABY: Hi, we have to talk. ROB: Come on in, you look like you've seen a ghost.--| |<--they see a ghost all the time GABY: I haven't seen a ghost.------------------------| can you say 'Ghostwriter'?!!! ROB: Then what is it? GABY: I'm...I'm....I'm.... ROB: You're what, going to die? GABY: No, I'm not going to die. ROB: Then what is it? GABY: I'm...I'm...pregnant. ROB: What? How long? GABY: I'm two months pregnant and you're the only one I ever slept with. ROB: So I'm going to be a father? GABY: Yes, I have three choices. Number one-Adoption, where I give the baby to a couple who can't have children. Number two-Abortion, which is killing the baby. Number three-Keeping the baby and raising him or her ourselves. ROB: Won't this baby ruin our lives right now? GABY: I'm going to keep this baby. Because I don't want to kill him or her and I don't want strangers raising this baby. This baby is part of you and me. You can help raise our baby if you want, but if not, I'll raise him or her myself. ROB: I'll help you raise the baby, as long as we don't get married yet. Because we're too young to get married. I'll have to tell my dad when he gets home. Dose anyone else know? GHOSTWRITER: CONGULATIONS ON THE BABY! Now, from the very first 'Ghostwriter' show, we know that he died before computers, because he asks Jamal what a computer is, he also asks what are cornflakes, which were invented in 1906, which points to him having died nearly 100 years ago. If this is so, then Ghostwriter, should have asked when was the wedding and why wasn't he invited. In his time, you got married before you had a kid. GABY: Yeah. ROB: Who? GABY: My mama and Ghostwriter. ROB: Why don't we call a Rally? GABY: All right. Rob wrote Rally R. Soon everyone arrived at Rob's house. ALEX: What's going on? LENNI: Another case? ROB: No, just some good news. GABY: I'm two months pregnant. ALEX: What? LENNI: Who's the father? ROB: I am. TINA: Does anyone else know? GABY: Just you guys and mama. ROB: Ghostwriter. GABY: Oh yeah, Ghostwriter too. ALEX: When did it happen? He should have guess when, this was a line for either Lenni or Jamal. GABY: When I told mama I was going to spend the night at Tina's house, I actually stayed here. JAMAL: But wasn't your dad home, Rob? GABY: He went to go out for dinner and was gone for over an hour. So, did they do it on the couch or in Rob's room? Girls bleed the first time they have sex did they clean up Gaby's virgin blood before Rob's dad got back too or did they just hide it with the rest of the laundry, which Rob would have done the next day? ALEX: I can't believe my baby sister is pregnant. TINA: Are you going to get married? GABY: No, we decided we're too young to get married and I don't think it would work out if Rob and I got married right now. Besides I'm only 16. ALEX: I wonder if mama told papa yet. GABY: I don't know, but I guess I'll find out when we get home. That's when Mr.Baker came walking in. He saw the look on everyones' faces and knew something was going on. MR.BAKER: All right, what's going on? ROB: Hi, dad. Gaby and I have something to tell you. TINA: I better get going. It's my turn to set the table at home tonight. LENNI: I better get home to, I'm going to see if I can write a new song. Maybe a song about about her friends having a baby? JAMAL: I'm going to go home and get started on my homework. ALEX: I'm going to stay here, so I can walk with Gaby. I think maybe he should wait outside for Gaby. Soon everyone but Gaby and Alex had left. GABY: I'm pregnant. ROB: I'm the father of the baby. Gaby and Rob told Mr.Baker everything. MR.BAKER: So you have three choices? GABY: I couldn't kill this baby and I couldn't give the baby up for adoption. So I decided to keep the baby. MR.BAKER: All right, do your parents know? GABY: My mama took me to the doctor this morning. ALEX: Excuse me, is it all right if Gaby and I go home. It's getting kind of late. MR.BAKER: Sure, see you later. ROB: Bye, Gaby. Bye, Alex. GABY (Gives Rob a kiss on the lips): Bye. ALEX: Bye. That night when Alex and Gaby got home, It turned out that Estella had told Gaby and Alex's father. GABY & ALEX: Hi. MR. FERNANDEZ: Pregnant? How can you be pregnant? GABY: I went to spend the night at Rob's not Tina's. ESTELLA: Why? GABY: He invited me over to have dinner and we rented a couple of movies. MR.FERNANDEZ: Why didn't you tell us? ALEX: I told you they would find out sooner or later. MR.FERNANDEZ: You knew? Why didn't you tell us? ALEX: Yeah, since she told everyone, when Rob invited her over. Because she wanted me to keep it a secret. ESTELLA: What are you going to do? GABY: I'm going to keep the baby. Because I can't give him or her up for adoption and I can't kill him or her. ESTELLA: How are you going to pay for diapers and everything the baby needs? GABY: I'll find a part time job, plus my allowance. The next day Joe and Sam came walking into the store. It had been 3 months since Gaby found out she was pregnant. Now there could have been more of Ghostwriter here, asking one of the others 'what is kama sutra? it's a book that Gaby & Rob have, but there's no words in it.' There is also no mention if Gaby & Rob had sex after they learned she was pregnant. We hear nothing of Rob spending a few nights at Gaby's or vise versa JOE & SAM: Hi, what are you doing here? GABY: Alex, my mama, papa and I live here and own this store. SAM: Are you pregnant? GABY: Yes, how did you know? JOE: It's starting to show. GABY: I'm almost five months pregnant. SAM: Who is the father of the baby? GABY: Do you remember when I introduced you to, Rob? JOE & SAM: Yeah. GABY: Rob, is the father of the baby. ROB: Did you just say something about me? GABY: I was just telling Joe and Sam that you're the father of our baby. SAM: I was the one that saw that she was pregnant. ALEX: No dogs allowed in the bodega. JOE: Sorry, I didn't know he followed me in. JOE: I have to get home for dinner. SAM: So when is the wedding? GABY: Rob and I decided not to get married yet. ESTELLA: Why? GABY: Rob and I decided we're too young to get married. ESTELLA: But you're not too young to have sex and get pregnant? GABY: Okay, I get the point. Rob and I are too young to get married and have a baby. But I'm going to keep this baby, plus Rob and I never said we weren't going to get married someday. Oh. ROB: Gaby, are you all right? GABY: I'm fine. The baby is just kicking. ROB: Can I feel? GABY: Sure, put your hand right there. ROB: Wow, that's amazing. ESTELLA: Yes, it can be very amazing if you're ready. GABY: Okay, mama. I get the point. But if I'm stupid enough to have sex, I should except the responsabilty. LENNI: Hi, everyone. Just though I would... ESTELLA: You're going to keep the baby? GABY: Yeah, why not? ESTELLA: Because you're too young. GABY: I don't care what you say. Rob and I are going to keep this baby. It's my choice, remember? ESTELLA: If you are that much in love with him. Why don't you go live with Rob! GABY: Fine, I will! If that's okay with you Rob? ROB: Sure, we can turn the extra room into a nursery and you could have the room right next door. GABY: Could you all help pack my stuff? LENNI: I could and we can call everyone else too. GABY: All right, let's go. ESTELLA: Gabriella! Wait! Don't leave! I was a little mad! Gaby never really left home. That night Gaby woke up from a nightmare screaming. ALEX: Gaby, are you all right? GABY: I had a dream that the baby was born dead. Then I had another dream that the baby was born too soon and died a couple of days later. ESTELLA: All pregnant women have those dreams. GABY: Could I get some milk? ESTELLA: Sure, come on. GABY: I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow. ESTELLA: I'll drive you there. The next day Gaby went to go see the doctor. DOCTOR: Gaby? GABY: That's me. DOCTOR: But you're only a teenager. This should come as no surprise to the doctor, a couple of old classmates of mine turn 31 this year, while their son turns 19, which means they did it at the end of 6th grade/the beginning of 7th grade and had the kid at the end of 7th grade parents at 13. GABY: I know, it was an accident. DOCTOR: Why didn't you use protection? GABY: Because my boyfriend and I didn't know we were going to do it. Until it was too late. ESTELLA: That explains it. GABY: What? ESTELLA: Why you didn't use protection. GABY: It's just happenend. DOCTOR: How far along are you? GABY: Five months. DOCTOR: Who is the father? GABY: Rob Baker! DOCTOR: All right, how about we take you into the exam room? GABY: All right. DOCTOR: Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? GABY: No. DOCTOR: Do you want to know if it's a boy or a girl? GABY: No, I want it to be a surprise. After the appointment was over Gaby went to go see Rob. ROB: How did it go? Did you find out if it's a boy or a girl? GABY: It was fine, and no, I didn't find out if it was a boy or a girl. I want it to be a surprise. ROB: All right. You want to go to a movie tonight? GABY: Sure, which movie? It is now 4 months later Gaby is 9 months pregnant. ROB: How about "Black Dog?" GABY: All right, but everyone's going to know I'm pregnant. ROB: Do you care if everyone knows you're pregnant? GABY: No, not as long as I'm with you. ROB: Let's go then. They sooned reached the threate. TINA: Gaby, Rob! GABY: What are you doing here? ALEX: We came to see "Black Dog." TINA: What are you two doing here? GABY: Rob and I came to see "Black Dog." ALEX (Starts to laugh): Don't you think that movie will be a little scary for you, Gaby. ROB: No, she's not a kid. Gaby's 16 now, remember? GABY: Thank you, Rob, but...uh-oh... ROB: What? What happened? GABY: My water broke. Is Gaby wearing slacks, a skirt or a dress? ROB: But you're not do until next week. GABY: I know that! ALEX: Some one call an ambulance! My sister is having a baby! MAN: I just called an ambulance and they're on their way! I'm still on the phone with them right now! She needs to lay down! GABY: I am lying down! Ohhhhhhhhhh! WOMEN: You're almost there! I can see the head! Bye the way I'm a nurse! OK, the heads out! One more push! GABY: It hurts! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! WOMEN: Okay, your daughter is out. Does anyone have a blanket! Everyone there clapped and cheered. GABY: It's a girl? ROB: What are you going to name her? Gaby & Rob have had 7 months to think up names. I'd think that if it was a boy they would name it after Ghostwriter, since if it wasn't for him, they would have never met. Provided they found out what is was. GABY: How about, Stacey? ROB: All right. ALEX: Here's a blanket! GABY: Thanks. Alex, meet your niece, Stacey. STACEY: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! GABY: She probably couldn't stand your face, Alex. ROB: May I hold her? GABY: Sure, here is our daughter. GIRL: The ambulance is here! PERMEDIC: OK, we're going to take you to the hospital. To make sure you and the baby are all right. ROB: May I go with them? PERMEDIC: And who might you be? ROB: I'm Rob, Gaby's boyfriend and the baby's father. PERMEDIC: Sure, hop in. ROB: Thanks. Hey, how is Stacey? GABY: She's fine. Thanks Rob! ROB: For what? GABY: For giving me our beautiful daughter. ROB: Well it wasn't a planned pregnancy. GABY: Well she's here now. Rob? ROB: What? GABY: Do you regret having sex with me? ROB: No, of course not. When you get out of the hospital do you want to come live at my house? GABY: Yeah that would be great.